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Raúl Campos Herrera figurative painter born in 1992 His formation began in Querétaro, as an apprentice of the well-known Mexican artist Roman Miranda. He dropped out of school to become a full-time painter and moved to San Miguel de Allende. Art school wasn’t what he expected, but after a long search, he decided to go to the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, where he stayed for three years. Raúl’s technique developed as well as his passion for figurative art. In 2017, after completing his studies in Italy, he got admitted at Nerdrum School in Norway. Living in an isolated community was a crucial experience: he cultivated his appreciation for music and classic philosophy. For him, painting is supposed to raise the human soul: he strives to do so in every brushstroke. Raul creates a demiurgic experience in which painting becomes poetry and reminds our soul where it came from. This idea is often forgotten today, and Raúl’s intention is to bring it back. Art reflects the circumstances surrounding it; we are living in times where paintings are being produced as very high-priced goods; no matter how professional the artist is. Contemporary art is based on pure consumerism; artists persuade spectators through powerful rhetoric, rather than through artistic skills. The critics and observers are redefined as consumers, and they need to be convinced through fake eloquence: what we get is a series of sterile repetitions backed up with fancy words. And once again, quality is sacrificed by quantity. Raúl detaches from this philosophy and focuses on the aesthetic representation of nature and humans. Figurative art enhances the beauty of its models and elevates the intellect of the beholder. The spirit may only be cured through the senses. Therefore, the artist is responsible for what he makes others see and learn; modern-day artists drift away from this. In Raúl’s paintings, we are able to perceive the elegance of his technique thanks to the balance of color and texture, and to the carefully planned details. In Europe, he refined his style and found a voice. Now, seven years later, he decided to return and learn from the culture of our country. The reality México offers is a completely different one. The authenticity of the Mexican essence and the mixture of tradition and modernity provides an ideal scenario for a painter. His journey through the art world started in San Miguel de Allende, and now he is here again. Circumstances took him to all different kind of places, but the love and admiration for this place brought him back to thrive and to discover new styles and new messages to spread through his art.

Written by 

Paola Cuevas


©2020 by Raúl Campos